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New Adventures

We recently tied the knot and are looking forward to expanding the family (one day!). Through Duncan Sykes, we found the perfect home and couldn't be more excited about the future. 

-- Amanda and Ryan Richardson

Our Forever Home

Purchasing a home is exciting, yet overwhelming at the same time. We loved working with these ladies. They are very knowledgeable and answered every question. We highly recommend them!

-- Katie and John Gage

Dream Come True

While we have loved Midland for years, it is time to move onto new adventures in Houston. These ladies were phenomenal and helped us through the entire selling process. Thank you for everything!

-- Brooke and Ben Smith

We Found the Perfect Home

Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. The Duncan-Sykes Real Estate Group stood out as the best West Texas has to offer -- their social media presence was strong and I could tell they put a lot of work into their listings. 

-- Clayton Walle 

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  • Midland Real Estate Girls


  • Midland Real Estate Girls
  • Midland Real Estate Girls
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